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Rollers Club Terms and Conditions


Rollers Club provides rollerdiscos and events for rollerskating/blading enthusiasts. We wish for all visitors to be able to enjoy the session, therefore please take into account the following terms and conditions to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Safety & Responsibility: Skaters use the facilities at their own risk. Skaters are responsible for ensuring their own and others' safety and should wear appropriate safety equipment and ensure that their equipment is up to the recommended safety standards at all times. Skating is a risk sport; therefore the Rollers Club does not accept any responsibility for the welfare or safety of those who participate in a session under any circumstances, whether as a skater, player, coach, referee or spectator. Rollers Club and its staff are not responsible nor will be held liable for the injury or death of any person whilst on or in the premises and games are played at your own risk.


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We are currently selling rollerblades and you can find our latest skates online now. We will be adding our full range over the next 2 weeks

To order, either ask a member of staff at your local session, or phone or txt 07904 341348.


Every Friday 6pm to 7.15pm or 7.30pm to 8.45pm

Our Altrincham roller disco is closed until further notice - sorry for inconvenience.




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