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Rollersclub Events and Sessions for RollerBlading and Rollerskating

Rollers-Club is a organization dedicated to the promotion of rollerblading and rollerskating. Join the many existing happy customers skating with the club. We are currently based in Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Poynton, Knutsford, Frodsham and Blackpool Leisure Centres.

The club is designed for all levels of skaters, from beginners to intermediate skaters. You can bring your own skates, or simply hire a pair of rollerblades from our skate hire. 

The Sessions run on a Friday and Saturday and Sunday on a weekly basis. There are no age limits to the sessions however they are aimed at Adults and children aged 4 to 16.

Fitness Benefits Of Skating

You may not realise it, but whilst you're having fun skating, you're directly improving the most sought-after exercise goals: Improved Aerobic Fitness, Strength, Endurance, and Body Fat Reduction. Skating is a great way for all the family to have fun and keep fit at the same time.

We have finely tuned our sessions over the years, to provide an excellent fitness and recreational activity for all the family to enjoy.

Click here for our sessions and opening times and come and join the fun.

Learn from the experts

Our whole Staff Team consists of experienced skaters who can help you improve your skills to ensure you have a great time. Throughout the night, speak to any of the helpers, who will be happy to teach you how to skate plus tips and tricks, including:

- Forwards + Backwards Skating - Small and Large Jumps - Speedskating - Turning and Braking - Free Style skating

Private Parties

Want to hire our excellent team for a private party, themed event or any special occasion? Rollers Club have many satisfied clients who rebook with us on regular occasions, Most of our events are simply through word of mouth and our team have a vast amount of experience in running group sessions from 15 to 150 people. If you would like information on Rollers-Club parties, click rollerskating parties for more information.

Session Costs

Each session of Rollers-Club costs £4 for entry, with an additional £2 or (£1 blackpool sessions) for skate hire, if required. You can hire rollerblades or rollerskates (quads limited) if you prefer. If you have a preference simply email us and let us know name, size or sizes, preference of boot and date you would like to come and we can reserve them for you. We currently stock about 80 pairs of skates at each of our sessions to book, You can simply attend and we should be able to cater for you or prebook by emailing info@rollersclub.co.uk 24 hours before a session.

Rollers-Club Facebook group and fan page

Why not join our facebook group and fan page for updates on all sessions, whats going on at Rollers Club, tips, videos and cancellation dates to keep updated. simply click



All Participants skate at there own risk and must be aware that rollerskating or rollerblading is a potentially hazardous activity.

The management accept no responsibility for any accidents, injuries, loss or damage caused to yourself or a third party that may occur whilst taking part in the session to include venue structures, obstacles or the actions of other skaters.

Participants are advised to wear protective gear to minimise injury from a fall or collision before putting skates on.

You can request to hire a set of knee, elbow and wrist guards 24 hours before a session by txting Korby on 07904 341348



Wilmslow Session cancelled 6th and 13th March due to theatre event.


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